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To make information quickly available and viewable online, we have constructed a series of Web pages with the contents of our current catalog.  This makes it quick and easy for students and their families to browse our catalog to see what Telos has to offer.  If you want a copy of the catalog to print or to use for your own information, you may download it from the link at the left, or you may request a hard copy by contacting our office at 317-527-5222, or by e-mail at

When changes occur in the Telos catalog, we will update these pages. 



Foundations of Telos

What Makes Telos Unique?

How Does Telos Work?

Statement of Faith
Code of Conduct
What Does Telos Mean?

Areas of Study

Overview of Programs

Early Enrollment (Telos at the High School Level)

Course Descriptions

BIBL 101 - BIBL 401

BIBL 402 - BSH 102

BSH 105 - CHEM 120

CHEM 130 - COMP 200

CYD 120 - ENG 140

FIN 101 - MATH 100

MATH 110 - SOS 201

SOS 202 - WBS 217

External Courses Available for Telos Credit
Preparatory Courses

Telos Student Life

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Preparatory Courses Application
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