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Character Development Associate of Arts Degree

Students completing this two-year, interdisciplinary study gain a solid understanding of Biblical character in relation to marriage and family, health, finances, and law, as well as a foundation in character-based conflict prevention and resolution skills. (64 hours)

  Year one, first semester:  
BLP 101 Introduction to Basic Life Principles        5
BLP 102 Developing a Biblical Life Purpose 4
WBS 111 Studies in Biblical Wisdom I 3
BIBL 101 God: His Word and Character I 3
  Year one, second semester:  
WBS 112 Studies in Biblical Wisdom II 3
WBS 113 Studies in Biblical Wisdom III 3
BIBL 102 God: His Word and Character II 3
CNS 101 Foundations of Counseling 3
FIN 101 Financial Freedom I 4
  Year two, first semester:  
WBS 214, 215, 216 (Choose 1 of 3) 3
CNS 102 Marriage Conflict Resolution I 4
FIN 202 Financial Freedom II 3
CDS 101 Foundations of Character 3
MED 201 Foundations of Medicine I OR  
LEG 201 Law and the Family 4
  Year two, second semester:  
WBS 214, 215, 216 (Choose 1 of 3) 3
WBS 217 Studies in Biblical Wisdom VII 3
CNS 203 Marriage Conflict Resolution II 3
MED 201/2 OR LEG 201 3-4
Elective(s) 3-4
Total Semester Hours
These course schedules outline a suggested order of courses for those who wish to complete the associate of arts degree in two years or the certificate in one year. Students are not required to take 16 hours each semester.