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Certificate in Bible

Students who complete 32 hours of study (including BLP 101 and the eight Bible courses) may receive a Certificate in Bible. This certificate indicates that students have completed a systematic, inductive study of the entire Bible under the guidance of a tutor and developed a well-grounded understanding of its teachings.

BLP 101 Introduction to Basic Life Principles          5
BIBL 101 God: His Word and Character I   3
BIBL 102 God: His Word and Character II   3
BIBL 201 Mankind: Sin and Salvation I   3
BIBL 202 Mankind: Sin and Salvation II   3
BIBL 301 God's People: Prophecy and Promises I   3
BIBL 302 God’s People: Prophecy and Promises II   3
BIBL 401 Issues: Biblical Answers to Vital Questions I   3
BIBL 402 Issues: Biblical Answers to Vital Questions II   3
Elective Recommended: BIBL 203
(Beginning New Testament Greek)
Total Semester Hours