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Letter from the Dean

A generation ago, most people assumed that there was a single, clear-cut pathway to success: finish high school, earn a college degree if you could, then move into adult life with a career and a family. With “a little luck,” you could eventually retire in comfort.

However, men and women who share a commitment to Jesus Christ are finding that there are higher goals in life than simply entering a career track leading to comfortable retirement. They are committed to the goal of becoming mature and pleasing to God in every area of life; mere financial success is too narrow and temporary an objective.

The Telos Institute International is a new pathway to growth, an innovative approach to preparing for your future. You are able to take courses from home, using affordable computer technology to maintain weekly personal contact with tutors who guide your learning experiences.

But Telos is more than just a new combination of distance learning technologies. Every course aims to develop in you not just skills, but the character of Jesus Christ. Each one helps you discover and apply the principles of the Bible in every field of learning, every area of daily life. Telos courses aim for more than intellectual sophistication or academic competence. We want to help you encounter God and His Word in a way that transforms your life. Telos is difficult and is not for everyone. But if you are looking for fresh methods of learning grounded in the timeless principles of Scripture, Telos might be for you!

I invite you to inspect our site and contact us with your questions. Perhaps the adventure of a lifetime is awaiting you!

Yours in Christ,

John Bechtle
The Telos Institute International