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Download Catalog and Application
The catalog is The Telos Institute International’s primary publication. It contains information on all aspects of Telos enrollment, finances, and student life. Application and registration forms are also contained in the catalog.

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Download Application
The application is for students who wish to enroll in The Telos Institute International.

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Download Preparatory Course Application
This form contains information and application forms for the preparatory courses offered for students age 14 and above:

BLP 080 Personal Education Strategy

MATH 100 College Math

BIBL 090 Survey of the Bible BIBL 095 Methods of Bible Study
ENGL 090 English Preparatory I ENGL 095 English Preparatory II

CLEP Preparatory Short Courses:

ENGL 096 English Review for CLEP

HUM 096 Humanities Review

SOC 096 Social Sciences and History

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Download Student Strategy
All Telos applicants must complete the Student Strategy packet or the Life Purpose Planning Workbook, available from The Advanced Training Institute (ATI) at

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Download Course Registration Forms
Returning students may download the course registration form to register for courses each semester.

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Download Course Materials List
A listing of required materials for each course.

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Download Semester Calendar
A listing of semester deadlines.

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Download Preliminary Evaluation form
Fill out this form and send it to Telos for a free analysis of your experiences, courses, and seminars for consideration toward a degree from Louisana Baptist University.

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Download Prospectus
Learn how Telos can help you earn a bachelor's degree from Louisiana Baptist University.

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Download Portfolio Assessment Guidelines
An explanation of the procedures for earning Telos credit for prior experience by producing academic portfolios.

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