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Preparatory Courses (Students age 14 and older)

Complete the Preparatory Course application and send it to Telos.

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Survey of the Bible An overview of the entire Bible, providing students with an understanding of the overall flow of Scriptural history and the basic facts about each book in the Bible. Course fee: $150.


Methods of Bible Study This is an introduction to principles of methodical Bible study. Students learn to interpret and apply Scripture passages and use appropriate tools to study background, context, grammar, and words. Instruction is provided in how to study a topic or survey an entire book of the Bible. Course fee: $150.


Personal Education Strategy A five-week course designed to help students identify and think through issues in planning for further education. Students work with a knowledgeable advisor to develop their own strategy for gaining the training and credentials they need. The course encourages a focus on God’s will and a creative look at all training options. Recommended for students aged 16 and older. Course fee: $150.


English Preparatory I Students study grammar, mechanics, usage, and research skills as a foundation for writing. Outlining encourages students to build logical thinking skills. Students will have extensive writing and editing practice with paragraphs, summaries, business letters, and simple essays. Course fee: $300.


English Preparatory II Students review and expand skills taught in ENGL 090. Emphasis is placed on strengthening outlining skills and style techniques as students prepare advanced essays and a research paper. Students successfully completing ENGL 095 should be well-prepared for further Telos studies. ENGL 090 is not a prerequisite. Course fee: $300.


College Composition The CLEP General Exam in College Composition measures a student's knowledge of English, including usage, sentence correction, paragraph revising, analysis, and construction shift.  ENGL 095 is not a prerequisite. Course fee: $300.


College Math An introduction to basic college-level math, this course helps prepare the student to take the college-level mathematics CLEP exam for non-math majors. Students study sets and logic, arithmetic functions, number systems, algebra review, geometry and trigonometry concepts, and probability and statistics. Students do this while developing principle analogies and examining God’s Word for insights. Prior to enrollment, the student should have studied high school Algebra I. Course fee: $450.

Complete the Preparatory Course application and send it to Telos.

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