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God: His Word and Character I Study of the Old Testament historical books, building faith in the reliability of the Bible by examining God’s revelation of Himself. Students compile an overview of the historical books and identify the theme of each book. Special emphasis on the character of God as shown in the Book of Psalms. (3 semester hours; $450)


Mankind: Sin and Salvation I A study of large portions of the Old Testament. Designed to help students cultivate virtue by discovering truths regarding God’s design for mankind, the effects of sin, and God’s provision for salvation. Special emphasis on the Book of Genesis. 
(3 semester hours; $450)
  BIBL203 Beginning New Testament Greek A study of the Greek language of the New Testament, enabling a student to translate New Testament passages with the aid of a lexicon, and providing the foundation for more advanced study. (3 semester hours; $450)
  BLP100/101 Introduction to Basic Life Principles A foundational course examining universal, non-optional principles of life found in the Bible. Students investigate the Scriptural basis for each principle and complete projects designed to assist in applying the principles to life situations. Assignments for BLP 100 and 101 include the IBLP Basic Life Principles Seminar. BLP 101 also includes the Follow-Up Course. Students who complete BLP 100 or 101 are considered alumni of the Basic Seminar. BLP 100 fulfills the prerequisites for any courses requiring BLP 101. (3 or 5 semester hours; $450 or $750)
  BLP102 Developing a Biblical Life Purpose Expands on the principles studied in BLP 101, allowing students to develop a Biblical approach to life in the areas of spiritual gifts, financial freedom, evaluation of contemporary culture, courtship, marriage, child training, and spiritual warfare. Course assignments include the IBLP Advanced Seminar. Students successfully completing BLP 102 are considered alumni of the Advanced Seminar.  (4 semester hours; $600)
  CDS101* Foundations of Character Examination and application of 49 basic character qualities and a study of character instruction given in the Beatitudes and Matthew 5–7. Students complete a personal assessment of character strengths and weaknesses and construct a plan for character growth.  (3 semester hours; $450)
  CNS101 Foundations of Counseling Surveys the root causes of personal and interpersonal conflict from a Biblical perspective. Examines process of resolving personal conflicts and aiding others in conflict resolution. Course materials include Effective Counseling Course (IBLP).  May be taken concurrently with CNS 102. (3 semester hours; $450)
  CNS102 Marriage Conflict Resolution I An analysis of the root causes of conflict in marriage, using Biblical guidelines to trace surface problems to sources and develop lasting solutions.  (4 semester hours; $600)
  CNS301* Biblical Counseling I Developed in cooperation with the International Center for Biblical Counseling, this course emphasizes a Biblical worldview and what the Bible teaches about the world, the flesh, and the devil. It examines the counseling needs of people seeking help for a variety of common spiritual issues. Students learn how to lead a person to submit to the Lord Jesus Christ, how to resist the devil by reclaiming surrendered ground, how to break soul ties and destroy strongholds, how to clear the conscience, and how to appropriate the whole armor of God.  (4 semester hours; $600)
  CYD120* Biblical Child Training The student learns to effectively train children in accordance with Scriptural principles. The course involves research in Biblical principles and Godly character, along with practical application of these truths in a learning opportunity that involves work with children.  (3 semester hours; $450)
  ENGL200 Research, Rhetoric, and Communication For students who have a burden to think, write, and speak the truth or who wish to prepare for further communications studies. Topics include expository writing, research, style, editing, logic, communication techniques, and introduction to publishing process. Submit work for publication. Prerequisites: Strong foundation in grammar, mechanics, and composition.  (3 semester hours; $450)
  FIN101* Financial Freedom I A study of the Biblical principles resulting in freedom to steward financial resources on a personal and professional level. Examines common financial practices such as debt and negotiation.  (4 semester hours; $500)
  FIN102 Financial Freedom II A continuation of FIN 101, completing study on the goals necessary to gain financial freedom. Emphasis on the Biblical perspectives of lending, partnerships, and recognition of financial need as impetus for creative business opportunities. 
(3 semester hours; $450)
  LOG101 Informal Logic and Reasoning An introduction to informal logic, including definitions, inductive and deductive reasoning, and common fallacies. Practical exercises to analyze typical forms of logic in daily communications. (1 semester hour; $150)
* These courses require students to be alumni of the Basic and Advanced Seminars or the corresponding Telos courses.

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