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Thinking about college?

     Why pour time and money into

           freshman classes?

               Shorten the path to your degree

                   with CLEP!

Thousands of students have earned college credit for English, Social Sciences/History, Humanities, and other courses without sitting in a class. They have taken tests produced by the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Virtually every college recognizes CLEP exams, and most schools offer up to 6 semester hours of credit for satisfactory scores on each CLEP Exam.

Prepare to earn the best possible scores. Sign up for one of the Telos CLEP Preparation Courses!

By taking one of the new Telos CLEP preparation courses, you will be able to follow a flexible schedule, completing the course in as little as four or five weeks. You will work with an experienced tutor who will help you find your weak spots and guide you in the most effective strategy for test preparation. You will take practice tests and receive evaluations and advice from your tutor. Your tutor will customize an individual study plan for you, based on your specific areas of weakness. This personal contact will encourage you and provide accountability unavailable merely from a book.  After completing the course, you should be able to approach the CLEP Exam with confidence, knowing what to expect and knowing that you have prepared well.


Save on Tuition Money!

Cost comparison:

The CLEP Exam itself costs $85.00.

The Telos CLEP Preparation Courses:

English - ENGL 096 $220.00*

Social Sciences and History - SOC 096 introductory price is $110.00

Humanities - HUM 096 introductory price is $110.00

In a survey of several colleges, the cost to earn the same 6 semester hours of credit ranged from $526 to $1175.

* Students who desire more extensive preparation may take advantage of our special package pricing for those who take English Preparatory II (ENGL 095) and ENGL 096.  Instead of paying $220.00 for each course, register and pay for both at the same time and pay only $330.00.


Are you ready? Take a short quiz and find out!

If you answer most of the questions correctly, you can probably save hundreds of dollars by taking a CLEP Exam.  All you need is a little help to get ready.  (Quiz download)


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